History of the Eagle´s Nest (book)

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Florian Beierl

History of the Eagle´s Nest

A complete account of Adolf Hitler´s alleged "Mountain Fortress"

Myths and legends surround the his­tory of Hitler's Eagle's Nest which is known as the „Kehlstein" mountain situated at Obersalzberg in Bavaria. Many original documents were des­troyed in the Allied bombing of April 1945. For decades, historical facts about the Eagle's Nest remained a mystery.

lt was the author's mission to launch a search for primary source materi­als, interview former functionaries and engineers and reconstruct the history of this unique monument of the Nazi Dictatorship. His book will take you back to Hitler' s first visit of Obersalzberg, it goes into detail about the initial plans for the Eagle's Nest project, the difficult construc­tion phase and visits of Nazi leaders. The occupation of this „Last Prize" of World War II as well as the current situation are all illustrated.

The reader will gain a complete over­view of the 70-year history of the entire complex which attracts hund­reds of thousands of visitors every year. Documents of the former head state engineer, Dipl. Ing. Hans Haup­ner long believed to have been lost, form the foundation for this book. Witness how the tyrannical Reichs­leiter Martin Barmann pressed for the transformation of an entire mountain. Follow highly skilled civil engineers as they create 15 miles of Alpine Roads and a building at 6000 ft. above sea level in a race against time, battling extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.
208 pages,
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